Adventure To Angelo’s – Costa Rica


Check out my most recent adventure here in Costa Rica. It’s one thing to be on the beach or explore the jungle but it’s another to find a friend and have a FULL ON cultural experience. What a FUN trip, thanks Angelo This trip was really cool, especially meeting Angelo’s family with the limited Spanish…

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Crab Experiment – Manuel Antonio National Park


Take a look at this little experiment I did with the crabs. Now you see them, now you don’t

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Damn Monkey Stole My Lunch! – Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica


Check out a monkey ripping my peanut butter and jam sandwich right out of my hands. Monkeys are actually very dangerous animals. Have you ever seen the movie Wizard of Oz? They CRRAAAZZYYY. I’m curious though, has this sort of thing EVER happened to you? Animals in general can be TOTALLY unpredictable. Let me know…

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